The Deacons meet every other month to discuss how they can best provide love, compassion, care and support for our members, friends and the community. They strive to love, witness and serve after the example of Jesus with special attention for those who are in need, sick, friendless and any who are in distress.

Deacon activities include:

  • Regular contact with those in need of care by sending cards/letters, phone calls, and/or personal visits.
  • Serving communion in worship and to homebound members
  • Provide and serve funeral lunches.
  • Deliver flowers to the homebound at Christmas and Easter.
  • Send care packages to our college students and military personnel.
  • Coordinate rides to church.
  • Congratulate the families who celebrated a birth, baptism, confirmation or wedding.
  • Coordinate meals to be delivered to those going through a challenging time.

If you are interested in becoming a Deacon, or are interested in the services Deacons can provide you, please contact the Church office at 651-777-4044 orĀ

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