Children (Birth-5th Grade)
Children are precious, priceless treasures to God and us. Our congregation genuinely cares about children and is passionate about providing a safe and enjoyable environment where children can grow spiritually through great learning and loving relationships.

Youth (6th-12th Grade)
We strive to…
Invite youth to a personal relationship with the Triune God.
Challenge youth to grow in their relationship with God through personal devotion, Bible study and Christian discipleship.
Offer youth opportunities to experience their faith through service in mission and worship.
The adult ministry team and the youth establish a relationship, studying the Gospel together in order to nurture their personal relationship with Jesus. Our youth ministry is incarnational.

Everyone is a precious creation of God equipped with special and unique gifts.  God honors our uniqueness by seeking a unique personal relationship with each one of us.  We strive to help adults find their spiritual gifts, to nurture and share them.  Together we glimpse a more complete picture of God and are able to build one another up in love and into the likeness of Christ. We honor the diversity of God’s creation by encouraging everyone to share and discuss their understanding of God’s will for us today and by offering a variety of worship, education, mission, ministry and discipleship options.

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