Meet the Staff

North Church is fortunate to have an extremely talented and dedicated group of staff members. They are all passionate about growing their own relationship with Jesus and helping others grow as well.  Many of our employees have been with us for over 10 years –one since 1979!  To contact a staff member, please call 651-777-4044 or email as provided.

Pastor: James York,

Pastor James’ greatest joy is seeing someone experiencing God in a new way. He enjoys exploring the question, “Where is God in that?” He perceives that God has called him to be an extension cord. First and foremost he nurtures his relationship with God making sure that he is “plugged in” to God the source of all life, joy, wisdom, hope, peace and love. He strives everyday to have God’s blessings flow through him as he invites others to “plug in” to him. Pastor James knows he is serving God well if those around him are able to plug directly into God themselves and develop their own desire to be an extension cord for God.

Pastor James grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm and spent several years in agriculture business before attending Princeton Theological Seminary in 1997. He received his Master of Divinity from Princeton in 2000 and was ordained on June 4 at the First Presbyterian Church of Abbotsford, WI. Pastor James answered a call from the First Presbyterian Church of Maumee, OH, and served as their Associate Pastor from 2000.

In 2005, our congregation was blessed to have Pastor James join North Church.  His enthusiasm and commitment to our church have been a wonderful addition. Along with leadership skills, he continues to bring new ideas for growth and spiritual connection.  Most notably, in 2006, he added a contemporary service with a modern message and lively music enjoyed by both young and old.

Pastor James currently lives in North St. Paul, MN with his wife and two children. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing any sport with his children, bicycling and solo backpacking.

Pastor Assistant:  Roderick Oji

Church Administrator: Renee Kristensen,

Music Director/Organist: Karen Pepin,

Praise Band Director: Chase Burkhart

Choir Director: Mary Livingston

Handbells Director: Carla Helgeson

Director of Children’s Ministry: Renee Kristensen,

Technology & Social Media Coordinator: Spencer York,

Childcare Provider: Emily Marah

Financial Secretary: Nancy Gerhardson,

Mission Coordinator: Lisa Diez ,


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