The Session is the governing board of North Church. The session empowers four commissions, the deacons and several committees, teams and taskforces. Ultimately, the session is responsible for every ministry that happens at North Church. The session consists of 12 elders (see ordained servant leaders) elected in classes of four for three-year terms. Session meets once a month on the third Thursday at 7 pm to discuss God’s will for North Church.

The Presbyterian form of government believes that when a group prays and discusses matters together that they are most likely to discover God’s will. Session works together as a team utilizing everyone’s gifts and perspective.  Pastor James is the moderator of session. His primary role is to be the lead listener making sure everyone is heard and understood. He keeps asking, “What does God want us to do?” and reminds the elders that they have been ordained to proclaim and vote what they believe to be God’s will in all situations.

Each session member also participates in and rotates duty of Chairperson for one of our four Commissions.  For more information on these commissions, see our Commissions page.

For more information on session servant leadership, contact the church office at 651-777-4044 so they can connect you with the Nominating Committee.

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